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Dictate Support

Technical Support:
1 300 856 388
Customer Support:
1 300 550 716

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If you're a currently enrolled student at an Australian Tertiary Education Institution, you're eligible for a 10% discount on our range*!
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Thursby Wins New Department of Defense Award
On 10th March, 2017

Thursby Wins New Department of Defense Award, CAC Enables Navy Reserve

Plantronics Calisto May not work with Newer Macs
On 16th March, 2013

Alert to all Customers: -

We have had reports of the Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth headset not working with the latest iMac 27" models. Please be advised that if you own a 27" iMac, the Calisto may not work. Nuance is currently working through this issue. Nuance Australia Technical Support number is 1 300 856 388. Customer Support number is 1 300 550 716

MacSense will be on Break
On 11th December, 2012

MacSense will be closing for 2 weeks from the 22nd of December. The last shipment will need to be placed before 2pm. Any orders after this will not be shipped until we return on the 7th of January

A fresh new spin on an old Favourite:
On 17th September, 2012

MacSense proudly introduces the NEW mStand 360!
All the functionality of an mStand now comes with a 360° swivel base so you can maneuver your laptop to the vertical aspect of your liking.  Show the screen of your laptop by swivelling it instead of lifting it.

Be one of the first to get this new innovative product, click here .

Thursby Upgrades 2012
On 17th September, 2012

Thursby Dave and ADmitMac are now at Version 10 and Version 7 respectively.

You can find the upgrades from version 9 Here and version 6 Here and full versions Licenses here (Dave) and here (ADmitMac).

Macsense is Going on Holidays
On 20th December, 2011

MacSense will not be open over the Christmas-New Years period and will be closed from the 23rd Dec until the 2nd of January. Last orders will be at 10am on Friday 23rd of December. Any orders received after 10am will not be shipped until after we return for business

Watch and Learn is Now Available
On 5th October, 2011

MacSense Australia is proud to announce that Dragon Dictate: Watch and Learn training DVDs are now on sale.

Promotional Sale on Dictate Upgrades
On 8th August, 2011

Until end of September, MacSense will be running a promotion on Dictate 2.0 upgrade from 1.X

The  upgrade can be found here .

Nuance releases Dictate 2.5
On 26th July, 2011

Nuance has release Dragon Dictate version 2.5. For customers that have version 2.0, this is a free upgrade which should be available via the standard update mechanism. You do not need to purchase version 2.5 to obtain the upgrade.

On 29th March, 2011

Clearance sale on Cloak-QB.

Originally $55, Now selling for $35 INC GST

All stock MUST GO

Thursby Wins New Department of Defense Award
On 10th March, 2017

Thursby Wins New Department of Defense Award, CAC Enables Navy Reserve

Who are Thursby Software?
On 25th March, 2011

A new video released by Thursby Software describes the business and their software. If you are interested in seamless integration between Macs and PCs, including Microsoft Active Directory support, check out this video. Click read more...

4.5 Star Rating for Drive Genius 2!
On 7th May, 2009

Drive Genius 2 was released over a year ago but remains one of the hottest reviewed Mac software title out there!

Tthe latest review from the highly-competitve MacFormat Magazine (UK) is available for download here

ViBook USB Graphics System Released
On 19th March, 2009

The VillageTronic ViBook, which enables multiple displays to be connected to your Mac or PC via USB has been released, and is now available through our online store!

For more information, please see the flyer or the concept brochure.

Extreme Mac-Over 2007
On 3rd July, 2008

For many small video production companies, shared storage is a new concept that can be very confusing. According to Curtis Friesen, owner of Dakota Video & Post, “it’s difficult to find a place to go to get the right answers.” Small Tree has the answers.

MacSpeech Dictate - Updated Data Disc
On 15th May, 2008

A small number of customers who are experiencing difficulty creating user profiles in MacSpeech Dictate, may have received a faulty data disc.
MacSpeech has instituted a quick fix, please go here for more information.
If the solution does not fix your problem, please contact us for a data disc replacement.

MacSpeech Dictate Documentation
On 3rd April, 2008

MacSpeech has notified us that the Documentation package for Dicate will be included in the upgrade to version 1.0.1. Customers who wish to do so can download the documentation right now from here.

MacSense Australian Announces Release of EZI360
On 11th March, 2011

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA., Mar 10, 2011 - MacSense Australia Pty Ltd today announced the release of EZI360, a rotating / spinning iPad, iPad 2 or Tablet Holder. 


This easy to use one-handed rotating and spinning holder for the Apple iPad®, Motorola XOOM®, Samsung Galaxy® and other tablet devices is the only device holder that allows you to have full 360 degrees rotation with the screen while still being attached safely and securely.


Without an iPad stand, it can be hard to hold the tablet in one hand while reading a book in iBooks, or using any other app on your tablet. The EZI360 solves this problem with its easy grip solution. The EZI360 is a simple, ultra-strong velcro hand strap which sticks to the back of your Apple iPad® (or any other tablet). The strap is attached to a rotating disk that lets you swivel your iPad into different landscape views with the ease of a turn. The EZI360 acts as an extension to your arm, making it an effortless and comfortable iPad stand.

"I came up with EZI360 within seconds of using the iPad for the first time. I immediately realized that this device, and anything similar to it, was purposely designed for mobility – and mobility means a requirement for safely handling any such device whilst on the move.”, said the local inventor of EZI360, James Bankowski of Ingham, North Queensland.  “Using the iPad with the EZI360 is simply an extension of natural ergonomics, and the inherent strength & safety of the EZI360 instills confidence to the user.”


EZI360 assembles directly on to the back of the Apple iPad®/Tablet or a protective case/cover - no tools required. It is also fully compatible with Apples new iPad 2 and Smart Covers.

This product allows for other imaginative uses such as a drink tray holder for restaurant environment or anyone who uses a clipboard!

Replacement EZI360 base-components are available free* while you own your EZI360. If you buy a new tablet device , there is no need to buy another EZI360. *Shipping charge applies.

Turn your Palm into an iPad stand with EZI360.

The EZI360 was invented, designed and manufactured in Australia.

Pricing and Availability

EZI360 is available immediately through the MacSense online store, (http://www.macsense.com.au), and other selected retailers. EZI360 can be purchased for AU $29.00


About MacSense Australia Pty Ltd

MacSense Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned company, whose mission is to sell, distribute and support Best of Class computer peripherals and accessories. It is founded on the philosophy of not just satisfying its customers, but on delighting them by: understanding the needs of their business, providing products that add value, and, keeping our delivery and value promises.


About EZI360

EZI360 has devised a functional and practical solution for using the iPad or similar computer tablet. The simple yet robust design of the EZI360 permits the user to securely hold, rotate and display the tablet with complete and safe control. They are currently working on a range of products that will enhance the experience of using your tablet for years to come.


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