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Technical Support:
1 300 856 388
Customer Support:
1 300 550 716

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If you're a currently enrolled student at an Australian Tertiary Education Institution, you're eligible for a 10% discount on our range*!
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The Company

MacSense Australia is a privately owned company, whose mission is to sell, distribute and support Best of Class computer peripherals and accessories.

It is founded on the philosophy of not just satisfying its customers, but on delighting them by:

  • Understanding the needs of their business
  • Providing products that add value
  • Keeping our delivery and value promises

The company purchases products from key local and overseas suppliers and stocks sufficient assets to supply those products to meet its customers' needs.

MacSense Australia strives to meet the high standards common in the IT community while exceeding customers' quality, service and delivery expectations. The company's strengths include a team of seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience in the sales and distribution business.

Mission Statement

The mission of MacSense Australia is to:

  • Seek Best of Class products
  • Develop strong, enduring business partnerships with vendors & resellers
  • Establish the company as the supplier of choice when it comes to quality & best value-for-money products to end users
  • And continually delight our customers in their experience when dealing with our company

Corporate Culture

MacSense Australia's employees are committed to creating a great company by embracing leading edge technology and delivering value to our customers. The company strives to attract talented people, while creating an environment where its employees can be passionate about their work and about making significant contributions to the company's success. Each employee plays an important role in the success of the company. Our objectives of market leadership and delivering significant value to customers can only be achieved through leveraging all the talent in the company and its channels. Our culture and leadership model builds on the foundation of collective strengths.

We are an entrepreneurial company made up of people who thrive on innovation and change. Our core values are based on mutual respect and the building of synergy within our team. Long term goals, important business issues and other confidential matters are discussed openly at all levels. This attitude of openness is carried on throughout our team. We encourage open communication between employees across all levels within the organisation.

The most important assets of MacSense Australia are its customers and employees. Without customers, we don't have a business. Without a business, there's no reason for the company to exist. Talented and devoted employees make a good company great.

We also believe that we can have fun in the process of achieving the company's vision and goals.